I’m done…now let’s continue!!!

I can’t believe I haven’t written on my blog in almost two years. TWO YEARS!!! That’s crazy. Why did it take me two years to write another post? What was I doing for two years that would have consumed my time?

Have you ever noticed that a lack of time isn’t the only thing that holds you back from doing what you want, love or desire?

So many times we say “I’ve been busy” or “I just haven’t had time” and sometimes that is true. Sometimes we are so busy, so consumed by the whirlwind of work, school, church, home, taking one child to practice and another child to recital that we really don’t have much time for anything else. But, many times, we don’t do what we want, love or desire because of factors that are not time related.

For me, I haven’t written in two years because, honestly, I’ve been tired of writing. For the last 5 years, I have been in the process of getting my Doctorate in Ministry. It has been a fun journey and I have had many people encourage me, pray for me and challenge me to get it done. For the first 3 years, I did a LOT of research and wrote a little. I was in the middle of planting a church, I didn’t want to put much of my focus on writing during that time. We had a few other things going on.

But, the last two years of this process have been all about the Thesis. I’ve written over 130 pages for this assignment. It sounds like a lot, but….no, who am I kidding…it was a lot.

And not only have I been writing my Thesis, but I write a message almost every week. One message is anywhere between 8-10 pages, that’s 3000-3700 words. So honestly, I’ve been tired of writing.

Have you ever just gotten tired of doing something, so you just stopped? Have you ever been tired of doing something spiritually, something you knew was a good thing, but it was tiring, exhausting, maybe you didn’t see the results, so you stopped doing it? Have you ever worked out so much that you got tired of working out? Have you have been tired of being a taxi for your family, driving them all over the place, so you just throw your hands up one Saturday and say “I’m not going anywhere today”?

What have you gotten tired of and it caused you to quit?

Well, a season of rest is good, but long periods of not doing what you love, is not ideal. God gave me a desire to write…I’ve used it for a lot purposes over the last 2 years, but now I’m turning a new page. Now, I want to write more on here.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I continue writing, sharing and communicating what God places on my heart and what I hope will encourage and inspire you.


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