5 Reasons To Go To Church

This weekend we are starting a new series, one of my favorite series, called At The Movies. Normally, when we do this series, we have a high turnout of new people, people coming to Christ, lots of energy and excitement and it’s a good momentum boost for our church. However, there has not been much “normal” in 2020.

There is a good chance this will be a lower weekend for us and it’s not because of the weather, although it will be snowing on Sunday, and its not because the Broncos are playing, even if they are 2-3. Although those are still factors in church attendance, those are minor factors as to why churches all across America are experiencing lower attendance and engagement than normal.

Most people assume that the majority of people are not coming back to in person church because of COVID, whether someone is nervous about getting it or someone falls into the high risk category. And there are definitely people that are not attending things in person because of those reasons and I get it. I have family and friends in the high risk category and I want them to be wise and safe.

However, by far the majority of conversations I’ve had with people as to why they are not attending church in person, is not because of COVID, but because they have a broken routine.

We are all creatures of habit. We wake up. We get that first cup of coffee or workout or have time with God. We do pretty much the same thing each day, with slight variances. If we get way out of our routine, if you are like me, it can mess with your entire day, week, even month. We want…we NEED routine.

So for those of us who find ourselves disengaged from church or “watching” from home because we have broken the routine, let me give 5 reasons to go to church.

  1. Drift Happens When We Aren’t Connected: We’ve all felt this and experienced this. No matter who you are, if you aren’t connected, drift will happen. That’s true in marriage. It’s true in friendship. It’s true in your faith. When you aren’t making church a priority, your faith a priority, you drift from the community, you drift from your purpose, you drift from God. It’s probably why Hebrews 10:25 tells us to not neglect meeting together as some are in the habit of doing. Because when church isn’t a priority, we drift.
  2. Healthy Habits Lead To Growth and Stability: When I’m building healthy habits, working out, spending time with God, meeting with friends, going to church, I find myself growth and my life feels stable. In an ever changing 2020, stability is something all of us long for. Building that healthy habit of church is essential to growth and stability.
  3. Developing a Healthy, Growing Relationship with Jesus Requires Coaching: This week in my men’s group, we were talking about professional athletes and how many coaches helped that individual get to where they are in life. Well, if it takes many coaches to help someone get to the highest level of athletics, can’t we assume that if we want to have a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus, then it’s going to require us having some coaches too? (1 Timothy 4:8) Church allows you to be coached. It allows you the chance to develop relationships with those who can coach you. It gives you the chance to help coach someone else. If we want to grow, if we want our relationship with Jesus to thrive, we must have coaching.
  4. The Body of Christ Needs You: 1 Corinthians talks about how followers of Jesus are like a body. Some of us are thumbs, some of us are feet, some of us are the nose. I just don’t want to be the tailbone…know what I’m saying. 🙂 Now, imagine how the body can’t be complete without you being a part. Imagine what the body of Christ would look like if you weren’t a part of it. If you are engaging online, then we need you. If you are coming in person, we need you. The church can’t be the church without all members doing their part. YOU. ARE. NEEDED.
  5. There is Power in Gathering: I remember the first time we regathered in a location that wasn’t a drive in service. I remember tears coming down my face because of the joy, because of the excitement, because of the power. I was talking with a teacher yesterday and her class all came back in person this week. She said “there is power in everyone being in one place.” It’s so true. There is a special power in gathering together. There is power in knowing that we are victorious together. There is power in praying for one another, encouraging one another, serving one another. There is power in knowing we are not alone.

There are so many other reasons as to why going back to church is so vital. These are just 5. What are some others?

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